We are Jimmy Michaels (aka Jimmy Rivers) and Rene Woodhead (aka IAmRWood). We are a fun loving, thrill seeking, adventurous duo that sees life as one big trip. We like to travel the country, and the globe, in search of new experiences and culture. Both of us are personable, goal-oriented, and motivated individuals who just won’t take no for an answer.

High Pointing

We are currently in the process of hiking to the highest point in each of the lower 48 states, with Alaska and Hawaii to come later. We expect to complete the lower 48 states by the end of August/September. For Jimmy, it’s his third summer of high pointing, and for Rene it’s her second. Jimmy has a total of 33 out of the 48 states completed, while Rene has 24. The 9 that Rene has to make up will be finished in addition to the 15 we have left collectively. There is a club that governs all of the records and brings climbers together, as well as helps raise funding to maintain the actual summit of each of these peaks.  It’s called the High Pointers Club.

While the goal is about both completing the mission and experiencing all that our great country has to offer, we are also seeking several records in the process. The most significant is that we will become the first Floridians to ever accomplish this goal. There are only a few states where residents have yet to climb all of the state high points. Rene is also seeking to become the first completer ON Mt Mitchell in North Carolina. Again, there are only 4 states remaining where a person hasn’t finished the hiking the lower 48 state high points. If we are able to complete the 48 this summer Rene will become the fastest female completer ever.

An Amazing Experience

The story we are telling is one that most people will never get the opportunity to see, in person, for themselves. In the process of all of this we face personal struggle, rely heavily on determination, and revel in the rewards. It isn’t a guarantee, which makes the conquest that much more sweet. The mountains in this country are some of the most scenic in the world, and produce pristine outdoor environments that you have to see to believe. We are determined to see things and explore places that most people never see in their life. This is a life mission, and we are glad to be sharing this story with you.

You can find more about Jimmy Rivers on his website: RIVERSvsTHEWORLD and more about RWood on her website: iAmRWood

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